Degree: International Marketing Management (MIMM) (KaMMIMM_EM)
Period: 2023-2024

Learning outcomes:

The student is a competent expert in the field of international marketing management and is able to
- analyze managerial challenges in the international marketing environment
- develop international marketing-related strategies
- critically evaluate international marketing-related strategies and their implementation

The student is competent in applied business research and is able to
- systematically analyze discipline-related research problems
- draw well justified conclusions and analytically discuss the implications of produced research results

The student has competence in responsible business and
- has a profound understanding on the discipline-specific responsibility issues
- is able to critically evaluate consequences of business decisions from a responsibility perspective

The student demonstrates competencies in academic and professional communications skills and is capable of:
- producing well-argued written reports according to the principles for good scientific conduct
- providing convincing and professional presentations

The student shows a market-oriented, global, entrepreneurial and sustainable mindset


Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, M.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.), 120 credits, duration 2 years.
Higher university degree, gives eligibility to scientific doctoral studies.

Degree structure:

Core studies 48 ECTS cr
Specialisation studies 42 ECTS cr
Minor studies 24 ECTS cr
Language studies 6 ECTS cr

Total of the degree 120 ECTS cr (min.)

Core studies48,00
Advanced specialisation studies42,00
Minor studies24,00
Language and communication studies6,00
Elective studies0,00