Degree: Post graduate studies (LUTJatkoopinnot)
Period: 2022-2023

Learning outcomes:

Education leading to a scientific postgraduate degree is based on scientific research and increasing and deepening knowledge of scientific research. It aims to support student learning. The studies should provide students with:

1. in-depth knowledge of their research field, its importance to society, and ethical viewpoints

2. extensive knowledge of the development, basic problems and research methods and theory of their field, enabling students to follow developments in the field

3. the ability to apply scientific research methods and generate new scientific knowledge independently and with due criticism within their research field

4. the ability to conduct scientific research independently and work in the most demanding expert jobs in the field, as a developer and/or entrepreneur in an international work environment

5. the ability to solve complex research and innovation problems and continuously develop one's own skills and those of others

6. excellent interaction, communication, language, teamwork and project work skills and the ability to manage issues and/or lead people.


Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT offers a possibility to study for the following academic postgraduate degrees in the field of technology or business:

  • Licentiate of Science (Technology)/(Economics and Business Administration)
  • Doctor of Science (Technology)/(Economics and Business Administration)
  • Doctor of Philosophy

The target time for completing the doctoral degree is four years. The licentiate degree usually takes two years to complete.

The extent of studies required for the postgraduate degree (Licentiate, Doctor) is 40 ECTS credits and they need to include studies in the student's research field. More information on studies is available on the eLUT website.

Postgraduate courses (doctoral courses) available at LUT University are often taught in English or offered in English if necessary. Some of the courses are available only every second year or when in demand. Courses can also be organised as intensive courses. Please see course descriptions for further information on course arrangements or contact the responsible teacher.

Chemical Engineering, Post-graduate Courses0,00
Energy Technology, Post-graduate Courses0,00
Electrical Engineering, post-graduate courses0,00
Environmental Technology, Post-graduate Courses0,00
Mechanical Engineering, Post-graduate Courses0,00
Computational Engineering, Post-graduate Courses0,00
Business and Administration, Doctoral Studies0,000,00
Software Engineering, Post-graduate Courses0,00
Industrial Engineering and Management, Post-graduate Courses0,00
Other courses suitable for doctoral students0,00