Degree: Electric Transportation Systems (SaDETS_EM)
Period: 2023-2024

Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of the M.Sc. programme in Electrical Engineering, the graduate is able to work independently and scientifically, acquire information and provide solutions to complex problems and tasks. He/she has an ability to work as a member of a team, is able to organize, carry out and lead projects and has the required communication skills. A Master of Science is aware of the ethical aspects of the field and its effects on society and is capable of critically assessing the future prospects of the field.

A Master of Science in Electric Transportation Systems has a profound understanding of electrical transportation systems as a whole, and he/she is able to apply appropriate technology solutions for the development of future electric transportation systems. He/she is able to describe and analyze the role and influence of electric vehicles in the energy system, as well as power and energy transmission of electrical vehicles all the way from the grid to the drivetrain. He/she is able to compare different energy storage options and choose a suitable one for different applications. Additionally, he/she is able to describe information technologies related to transportation systems and apply them, for example, to develop flexible charging systems.

A graduate from the M.Sc. programme is able to apply his/her knowledg in product development, research and marketing as well as in management of these. The M.Sc. programme also prepares the student for postgraduate and independent studies.



  • This is a Master of Science in Technology (M.Sc. Tech.), (Diplomi-insinööri in Finnish) degree
  • Higher university degree gives eligibility to apply for scientific doctoral studies
  • Extent 120 ECTS credits
  • Duration two years, full-time studies of 60 ECTS per academic year.

Degree Structure

The Master's degree (120 ECTS) consists of core studies, specialisation studies, minor studies (if any) and elective studies. The specialisation studies include a Master's Thesis and a seminar. The following minors are recommended: Mechanical Engineering for Electrified Transportation Systems, Circular Economy, Industrial Engineering and Management, Study Finnish - Live and Work in Finland..

Core Studies27,00
Specialisation Studies67,00
Minor Studies20,00
Elective Studies0,00