Degree: Mechanical Engineering (KoBScDD)
Period: 2021-2022

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the programme, students will be able to:

  • approach future tasks related to working life with an open mind and solve practical mechanical engineering problems and tasks with sound theoretical knowledge and creativity
  • assess and manage the physical operating principles of machines as well as the stresses on machine and equipment parts and the durability of their structural materials
  • utilize modern production and manufacturing methods and manage their effective implementation and operation
  • obtain information from various sources and apply it to create improved techno-economical solutions
  • monitor the international development of engineering in the field of mechanical engineering and its infrastructure and use the latest and most reliable information to solve problems in the field
  • supervise and develop the work of one's own work community
  • assess practical problems related to energy and economics and understand the application possibilities of renewable energy
  • apply measures to prevent climate change in mechanical engineering applications



  • This BSc is taught in English.
  • This is a Tekniikan kandidaatti (TkK), Bachelor of Science in Technology (B.Sc. Tech.) degree amounting to 180 ECTS.
  • A lower university degree gives eligibility to apply for Master's studies.
  • The BSc education is arranged so that full-time students can complete the degree in three academic years.

Degree Structure

The BSc in technology 180 ECTS consists of

  • common obligatory general studies of 88 ECTS, include introductory course as well as courses in mathematics, physics, engineering design, mechanics, materials, control systems and programming.
  • language and communication studies of 10-19 ECTS in Chinese, Finnish and English.
  • intermediate specialisation studies of 50 ECTS of mechatronics, robotics, production engineering, FE-analysis, machine design and manufacturing. The specialisation studies include a Bachelor's thesis and seminar totalling 12 ECTS.
  • minor min. of 20 ECTS, in energy economics; sustainability science; practical engineering, innovation and entrepreneurship; and Chinese business, culture and technology.

  • elective studies.

General Studies88,00
Language and Communication Studies10,0019,00
Intermediate Specialisation Studies50,00
Minor Studies20,00
Elective studies0,00