Degree: Safe and Reliable Nuclear Applications (EnDSARENA_DD)
Period: 2021-2022

Learning outcomes:

After completion of the M.Sc. programme, the graduate
• Is able to utilise different numerical methods of reactor physics and thermal hydraulic safety analysis.
• Understands the nuclear fuel cycle.
• Understands and is able to explain the design principles of nuclear reactors, nuclear steam supply systems and safety systems.
• Understands protection against ionizing radiation.
• Can apply and develop mathematical models to solve energy technological problems.
• Is able to manage and organize both national and international projects.
• Can design energy technology related equipment, plants, processes and systems.
• Is able to communicate and act in academic and research environments.
• Can work as specialist in energy technology.


Master's Programme in Safe and Reliable Nuclear Applications (SARENA) is arranged as a double degree programme. It includes 30 ECTS of studies at IMT Atlantique, France, and 30 ECTS at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (UL-Slovenia).

The extent of specialisation studies in Nuclear Reactor Physics and Thermal Hydraulics is 60 ECTS, including a Master's thesis of 30 ECTS. No elective studies are required, as the M.Sc. degree consists of specialisation studies (a min. of 60 ECTS) and credit transfer of 60 ECTS. However, studies of Finnish language are recommended.

Advanced specialisation studies60,00
Completed in other university60,00
Elective studies0,00