Degree: Minor studies (Bachelor's degree) (LUTKSivuopinnot)
Period: 2020-2021

Learning outcomes:


Here you can find the minor studies for Bachelor's Degree students provided by LUT. You can see the information about studies here, but minor studies must be chosen in the actual degree study plan.

Requirements for each degree you can find from the degree structure. Check the credit requirements of your own degree and choose the one with right credits if there are several different versions.

Minor studies completed in other universities/from abroad can be included upon application. Contact study guidance team for more information.

Minor studies provided by Business Administration
  For Business Administration students
    Supply Management24,00
    International Business24,00
    International Marketing24,00
    Business Law24,00
    Technical Mathematics for Business Administration students24,00
  For Engineering students
    International Business and Management24,00
    Business Administration21,00
    Business Administration24,00
    Basic Business Studies, online studies25,00
Minor studies provided by Industrial Engineering and Management
  Industrial engineering and management20,00
  Industrial engineering and management24,00
  In Lahti
Minor studies provided by Software Engineering
  Software engineering20,00
  Software Engineering24,00
Minor studies provided by Mechanical Engineering
  Mechanical Engineering20,00
  Mechanical Engineering24,00
Minor studies provided by Energy Technology
  Energy Technology20,00
  Energy Technology24,00
Minor studies provided by Electrical Engineering
  Electrical Engineering20,00
  Electrical Engineering24,00
  Only for Electrical Engineering students
    Industrial Electronics30,00
Minor studies provided by Environmental Engineering
  Environmental technology20,00
  Environmental technology24,00
Minor studies provided by Chemical engineering
  Chemical Process Engineering21,00
  Chemical Process Engineering24,00
Minor studies provided by Computational Engineering and Physics
  Technical Mathematics20,00
  Technical Mathematics24,00
  Data Analytics20,00
  Data Analytics24,00
  Technical Mathematics for Business Administration students24,00
Minor Studies provided by LUT School of Energy Systems
  Energy Economics20,00
  Only for Industrial Engineering and Management students
    Basics of Energy and Environmental Technology24,00