Degree: Software Engineering and Digital Transformation (TiDSEDT_prophet_DD)
Period: 2022-2023

Learning outcomes:

The Prophet programme aims at educating experts who are capable to design ethical, usable and privacy-aware ICT solutions that aim for sustainable future.

On the completion of this program, the graduates have the general software engineering learning outcomes and will be able to:

1. Describe and adapt computer science, software engineering knowledge, best practices, and standards appropriate to engineering complex software systems.
2. Analyze a problem; identify and elicit functional, non-functional and sustainability requirements appropriate to its solution.
3. Demonstrate the empiricism and familiarity with the methods of academic research and writing.
4. Design, evaluate, and adapt software processes and software development tools to meet the needs of an advanced development project.
5. Elicit user needs and design an effective software solution.
6. Logical, convincing, and effective communication both orally and in writing
7. Function effectively in teams and adapt teaming strategies to improve the productivity.
8. Recognize human, security, social, entrepreneur issues and responsibilities relevant to engineering software and digitalization of services.
9. Integrate into a multi-cultural working environment with practical orientation and collaborating in professional networks.
10. Acknowledge life-long learning as a way to stay up to date in the profession.

In addition, sustainable ICT solutions specialization provide the students a sustainable mindset, meaning that they

11. follow ethical research and development approaches while providing ICT solutions,
12. take account both humans and machines as the users of the solutions, and
13. are aware of the impacts of their ICT solutions to the environment as well as to the society.


The double degree Nordic Master's Programme in Sustainable ICT Solutions of Tomorrow is developed in cooperation with Aalborg University Copenhagen, AAU, Denmark. The programme combines the software engineering education of LUT with the ICT engineering education of AAU.

The duration of the programme is 2 years and minimum content 120 ECTS credits.

Students admitted to this double degree programme receive a degree certificate from two universities after they have fulfilled the degree requirements of both.

  • LUT: Master of Science in Technology (M.Sc. Tech.), Diplomi-insinööri (DI)
  • AAU: Master of Science in Engineering (Innovative Communication Technologies and Entrepreneurship)

Degree Structure
The Master's degree (120 ECTS cr) consists of 4 semesters, each at 30 ECTS cr. The studies include an optional exchange period in partner university.

  • core studies
  • specialisation studies including a Master's thesis 30 cr and a seminar

Master’s degree does not contain minor studies or free electives. Possible extra studies are recognized in separate additional transcript of records.

Contat person: prof. Jari Porras.

Core Studies35,00
Advanced specialisation studies85,00
Elective studies0,00