Degree: Mechanical Engineering (KoDMecEng_EM)
Period: 2023-2024

Learning outcomes:

After completing the Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering the graduate is able to:

  • form the systematic and analytical approach for solving practical mechanical engineering tasks and other more abstract engineering problems
  • to design and develop machines, equipment and solutions and systems for production technology
  • to utilize the research-oriented approach for solving the tasks of product design, material selection or production design
  • to form the overall picture about the functionality of mechatronic machines and equipment, their dynamic analysis and simulation, the importance of material selection and the required solutions of production technology as a part of the multi-disciplinary design process of products
  • apply theoretical virtual modeling and simulation and other computer aided tools for solving engineering problems
  • form the overall understanding about how to analyze and integrate the aspects of reliability, manufacturability and material selection of structures or machine elements
  • select suitable means to increase the productivity of the designing work of machines, equipment or structures
  • illustrate and solve research, development and production problems from industry in a creative way
  • to apply the possibilities of robotics to increase productivity and quality in production
  • continue the studies on post-graduate level and independently
  • make decisions in his own specialization area, which support the goals of sustainable development goals set by UN and understand the relationships between these goals and recognize the significance of his decisions to overall sustainable development
  • be able to work with others in task-orientated groups participating and interacting in the group in a productive manner and lead and manage design or production projects.

In addition, student will deepen his knowledge, skills and competences in two specialization areas according to his own choice: welding production and welding metallurgy, composite and hybrid materials, industrial design, steel structures, laser processing and additive manufacturing, robotics and mechatronics, sustainable manufacturing processes and digital engineering.



  • Degree Master of Science in Technology (M.Sc. Tech.), (Diplomi-insinööri in Finnish)
  • Higher university degree, gives eligibility to apply for scientific doctoral studies
  • Extent 120 ECTS credits
  • Duration two years, full-time studies of 60 ECTS per academic year.

Degree Structure

The Master's degree (120 ECTS) consists of core studies, advanced specialisation studies and elective studies. The Master's Thesis and Seminar is included in the advanced specialisation studies. The degree doesn´t include any minor studies.

Core Studies31,00
Advanced specialisation studies69,00
Elective studies9,00